75 Years After It Vanished, Divers Find USS Eagle 56

America lost an inestimable number of men, ships, and other equipment during World War II. Some were recovered, but of course thousands of men did not When the USS Eagle 56 disappeared in April, 1945, it certainly seemed to vanish almost into thin air. Although a German submarine had destroyed it

Posted: Monday Apr 6, 2020

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75 Years After it Vanished, Divers Find USS Eagle 56

Posted: (3 days ago) That was certainly true for the USS Eagle PE-56; even how it sank, and where it lay was not known for decades.Now, more than 75 years after it vanished, it’s been found – almost under the American military’s nose, so to speak.


Damn the Torpedoes- Full Speed Ahead - War History Online

Posted: (5 days ago) Damn the Torpedoes- Full Speed Ahead. AMERICAN CIVIL WAR; INSTANT ARTICLES; Mar 17, 2016 Nikola Budanovic. The Battle of Mobile Bay was a naval battle of the American Civil War, which held great strategic importance in the summer of 1864. It was important because Mobile Bay was the last Confederate port in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Amazing Discovery Of A Luftwaffe FW190 In A Forest ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Well, just such a plane was discovered in a forest near the Russian city of St Petersburg (then called Leningrad) in 1989. The plane was a Focke-Wulf 190, and it was the main fighter used by the German Luftwaffe (air force). This particular FW190 was built in April 1943 in a factory in Bremen.

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A Sailor’s Life in Lord Nelson’s Navy - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Posted: (4 days ago) Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory had a complement of 821 men that needed to react with precision to adjust the ship’s 37 sails, fire its 104 cannons, steer its 3,500 ton frame, and navigate by means of astronomical instruments. This required an intricate system of routine and discipline. Organization. Sailors usually had no say in what ship they served aboard.

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The Inner Circle: The 10 Most Powerful Men in the Third Reich

Posted: (6 days ago) Adolf Hitler’s inner circle were the most powerful men in the Third Reich. It was a finely balanced team of military commanders, administrative leaders and Ministers of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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