Is Disney Plus Free With Amazon Prime? - Tech Junkie

Not too long ago, it was hard to imagine that Hollywood is going to be replaced by streaming services. It might not have happened yet, but the times have certainly changed. Old rules do not apply anymore. Renowned directors are

Posted: Sunday Jul 5, 2020

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How to Use Google Meet on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Posted: (2 days ago) Google Hangouts Meet is a video meeting app that has been available for tablets since 2018. However, if you tried downloading it to your Amazon Fire Tablet, you’d hit a stumbling block. That’s because this app is a


How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation on Zoom

Posted: (2 days ago) PowerPoint presentations are a handy, practical tool in any corporate environment. When you present a problem or a plan visually, people often find it easier to remember or assimilate it. And when you combine a PowerPoint presentation with Zoom, you

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How to Free Up Space on Your Amazon Fire Stick

Posted: (2 days ago) When it comes to the convenience of streaming, Amazon's Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular and practical choices. It offers an array of premium channels and all you really need is a solid internet connection. Whether

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How to Download Disney Plus on Cox - Tech Junkie

Posted: (2 days ago) Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here!. How to Download It

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How to Enable Your Keyboard Backlight in Windows 10

Posted: (2 days ago) Most modern laptops come with backlit keyboards designed to make typing in low-light conditions easier. Most keyboards have backlight illumination and glowing letters but, sometimes, this neat feature will refuse to work. If that's the case with your


How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10

Posted: (2 days ago) Millions of Windows 10 users still have mechanical hard drives in their PCs. To keep them healthy and to help investigate any unusual behavior, try the venerable CHKDSK command. Here's how to use it in Microsoft's latest operating system.


How To Add Google Chrome to an Amazon Fire Tablet

Posted: (2 days ago) The next app is Google Services Framework. Just as with Account Manager, the version you need will depend on the device you’re running. However, because of how Google’s framework app targets various versions of Android, we advise everyone to download version 5.1-1743759, from here.This version is designed to run on all devices with Android 5.0 or higher, which means any Fire OS tablet ...


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